Rah Shahr International Group was established in 1990 to meet the increasing needs of Iran for specialists & proficient forces in the field of consultancy & execution of engineering projects. Since its inception, the directors have strived to optimize services rendered as the company's primary goal. As a result, the company has managed to maintain its relationship with different clients and provide them with a variety of services. Subsequently, the company has gradually developed different specialized departments and sections to enhance its scale of activities.
The departments that had initially emerged as cost centers established themselves as 15 separate legal entities.
At present, Rah Shahr International Group is a multi-disciplinary engineering group, acting as a "holding company". The Group is listed in the World Bank's "Engineering Companies" roster, working on multi-faceted national and international projects that are financially supported by the World Bank. The Group has also been registered through the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), for activities in the fields of architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, hydraulics, energy, and spatial planning.

Considering the diversity and extent of services provided by this consulting group, and the necessity of providing high-quality services with the aim of maintaining the company's position & credibility, we have taken several steps to enhance the management systems of the company. One of these steps was the standardization of activities in order to maintain the desirable level and quality of services. To achieve this goal, all activities were registered and specific standards were defined for the processes and methods through which the activities were to be performed. This provided the required basis for subsequent management procedures of the company. As a result, the company included the introduction of approved methods to be utilized in its activities. The policy developed gradually to a point where constant training of the staff (updating their knowledge) has become one of the most strategic tools of the company. Another important and effective step was the focus directed to support systems and provision of high-quality services. The company believes that the quality of the end services is highly dependent on having a systematic & well-organized group. These reformations have changed the organization into an organic body and optimum workable ICT systems, where all

communications between the headquarters, provincial offices, and foreign offices are paperless and electronic-based (ie. video conferencing, information transfer, etc.). One other significant step taken was the establishment of a project management system. As a result, the payment system was modified, a remuneration system was formed and all the staff share the revenues earned from different projects.
By establishing a Business Development System and a Business Development Fund in the company, the Group has also attempted to promote creative thinking within individual, collective, and organizational levels with the aim of achieving higher developmental and result-oriented objectives in all respects. Therefore, by undertaking GIS training courses and development of spatial planning teams, the Group conducts research and study projects along with the other projects. In such projects Rah Shahr International Group introduces new sustainable development frameworks to relevant organizations and assists in the development of the country as well as the Group itself.

Some of the certificates held by this company are as follows:

Certified Grades by Planning & Management Organization of Iran
Bank of Industry & Mines, Tourism Grading
Membership, Project Management Institute
ISO 14001:2004 Certificate
ISO 18001:2007 Certificate
ISO 9001:2008
Rah Shahr International Group has over 480 full-time staff in the company's headquarter and 450 in its provincial & foreign offices, qualified with Bachelors, Masters and PhDs in various fields of engineering. The Group has also established a specialized educational company (Rah Danesh Pars) for the purpose of providing continuous training and education to its personnel as well as outsiders. Furthermore, due to specialization of activities, the company has managed to develop these activities into independently established companies and legal entities with different fields of specialty:

Rah Shahr Architectural Consultants
Rah Shahr Management and Engineering Services Company
Rah Shahr Kish Architectural Consultants
Rah Shahr Hydraulics Consulting Engineers
Kish Pars Niroo Company
Rah Parda Kish Information Technology, Management and Education Consulting
Pars Rah Danesh Company
Shahr Computer Services Company
Petro Shahr Company
Naghsh Gostar Ideh Consulting Engineers
Alagas - Rah Shahr Company
Clarence International Company FZC (UAE)
Quick Build Company (Toronto, Canada)
NanoMind IDC Company (London, UK)
Rah Shahr Consultants Company (Muscat, Oman)
Bridgewater Resources (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Al-Nab Consultants (Baghdad, Iraq)
RahCan Company (Toronto, Canada)

These companies, along with other specialized departments, work together under the brand of "Rah Shahr International Group". Considering the diversity of activities and the need for the introduction of new activities, the Group, in collaboration with other well-established firms, has proceeded in the setup of affiliated companies with the objectives to provide services for construction and development plans both in the national and international levels. The activities of this group include providing study, design, and executive management services in the fields of:

Urban design
Socio-economic studies
Oil, gas & petrochemicals
Project planning & management
Design of industrial towns
Infrastructures (power transmission, power substations, water transmission, sewage systems, generation

   plants, sustainable energy sources)
Airports & ports
Land reclamation
Desalination plants
Mechanical & electrical
Civil and traffic
Space optimization & interior design