Rah Shahr International Group was established in 1990 and is a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering company offering diversified services.
o Civil
o Infra-structures
o Health Safety & Environment
o Technical Due Diligence
o IT Services
o Land Use Planning
o Socio-economic Studies
o Architecture & Urban Design
o Tourism
o Clean & Renewable Energies
o Contract Management (CM)
o Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals
o Water & Power
o Traffic & Transportation Planning
o Logistics & Supply Chain
o Master Planning
o Project Management
o Investment Facilitation Services (IFS)
We are committed to delivering engineering excellence and believe strongly in collaborative partnership working. Our clients value our depth and breadth of engineering skills, our open, honest and friendly approach and our ability to work in accordance with their constantly changing business needs.
Our teams operate within a friendly, supportive and vibrant culture of continuous learning and improvement.

The Process of Managing Expectations:
At Rah Shahr International Group we are endeavored to ensure sustainable economic growth based on continued further development plans and proposals including observance of all principles of project sustainability.
Our development service team provides professional oversight on all phases of the development process, from project advisory, feasibility planning, facilitating project financing, legal and insurance monitoring to project completion.
Our experts combine strong technical skills and market knowledge with extensive and high level contacts with investors, public bodies and specialist consultants to deliver our clients' aspirations.

We have:
o Practical experience in putting together and successfully delivering development projects, including large scale and complex mixed use schemes.
o Highly experienced professionals who have held senior roles at both private sector organizations and public sector bodies.
o The ability to bring together private sector commercial insight, as well as detailed understanding of the constraints and methods of working in the public sector.
o The know-how for effective leadership of projects throughout the entire development management process.
o Complete use of technical groups and project teams

Our Approach:
To achieve a high quality project through superior planning and professional execution, a high degree of principal involvement and strict adherence to our core values of integrity, quality, service, social responsibility and professional ethics.

We take into account:
o The distinct characteristics and requirements of International Development Projects as well as methodologies, tools and techniques of management that can be applied
o Factors which can affect International Development Project Management (budgets and financial resources, management, organization, technical, cultural, environmental, political, legal, economic and social)
o Client interests while maintaining integrity, objectivity and quality of services

The range of consulting services which we provide include:
o Legal consulting services to attract investments and reduce project risks
o Insurance consulting services to reduce investment risks
o Organizing limited technical seminars, round tables and forums to introduce projects to stakeholders and investors

Preparing investment packages including:
• Financial studies
• Strategy & Policy
• Investment Attraction & Absorption
• Institutional Reforms
• Regulations
• Due Diligence & Market Assessment Reports
• Business Advisory Services
• Feasibility Studies

To undertake the above services we fully utilize the expertise of Rah Shahr International Group’s units:
o Project Services
o Planning Services
o Economic Studies
o Implementation Services
o Master and Detailed Plans
o Sector, Design, Specialist & Integrated Studies
o Tender Documents
o Procurement Assistance (PPP)
o Construction Supervision
o Project Management
o Information Technology
o Capacity Building

Affiliated Companies:
o Rah Shahr Architects Co. (Architecture & Urban Design)
o Rah Shahr International Group - IDM (UK)
o Rah Shahr International Group (Oman)
o Paydar Kish Rah Shahr Architectural Consultants (Architecture & Urban Design)
o Rah Shahr Maher Co. (Information Analysis & Processing)
o Rah Shahr Management & Engineering Services Co. (EPC Services)
o Rah Shahr Alagas Co. (Oil, Gas & Petrochemical EPC Projects)
o Rah Danesh Pars Co. (Education & Training)
o Rah Parda Kish Co. (Technology & Management)
o Rah Pars Kish Co. (Architecture & Urban Planning EPC Projects)
o Energy Paydar Rah Shahr Co. (M&E, Telecom Engineering)
o Naghsh Gostar Ideh Co. (Land Surveying & Engineering Services)
o Nano Mind IDC-UK (Nano Technologies & Environmental Studies)
o Omran Ab Paydar Rah Shahr Co. (Water, Wastewater & Infrastructures)
o Pars Niroo Kish Co. (Power Engineering)
o Paya Taradod Rah Shahr Co. (Transportation Planning & ITS)
o Petro Shahr Co. (Oil , Gas & Petrochemical Development Studies)
o Quick Build-UK/Canada (Industrialized Pre-Fabricated Buildings)
o Sam Rah Shahr Qeshm Co. (HSE & Environmental Studies)
o Simaye Tose'e Paydar Co. (Sustainable Development-NGO)
o WinGreen Tech-Canada (Renewable Energy Innovations)
o Behsam Rah Tec Co. (Commerce & Trade)
o Souroush Aseman Rah Shahr (Logistics & Supply Chain)

Certificates & Grades
o Iranian Corrosion Association
o Russian Register ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System)
o Russian Register- IQNET ISO 9001:2008
o Bank of Industry and Mine (Engineering Consultant Rating)
o Russian Register ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System)
o Russian Register- IQNET ISO 14001:2004
o President Deputy Strategic Planning and Control formerly Management and Planning Organization of Iran (Engineering Consultants Grading)
o Russian Register OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)
o Russian Register- IQNET OHSAS 18001:2007
o TQCSI QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Management System)
o Banking & Credit Investment Consultant Center
o Grade A-3 Supervision & Feasibility Studies (construction, oil, gas, metal, mining & energy)

o World Bank
o PMI (Project Management Institute)
o IMCA (Iranian Management Consultants Association)
o ISCE (Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers)
o FIDIC (via ISCE)
o UNIDO (via I.R.I. Ministry of Industry, 1995)
o IDA (International Desalination Association)
o ICCA (International Consultants & Contractors Association of Iran)
o INS (The Iranian Nano-technology Society)
o BCICC (Banking & Credit Investment Consultant Center of Iran)
o TPO (Trade Promotion Organization of Iran)
o OITEA (Organization for Investment, Technical & Economic Assistance of Iran)
o Electrical Industry Syndicate of Iran
o IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects)
o Iranian Society of Landscape Professions
o IFIC (Iran Foreign Investment Company)