Rah Shahr International Group was established in 1990 to meet the increasing needs of Iran for specialists & proficient forces in the field of consultancy & execution of engineering projects. Since its inception, the directors have strived to optimize services rendered as the company's primary goal. As a result, the company has managed to maintain its relationship with different clients and provide them with a variety of services. Subsequently, the company has gradually developed different specialized departments and sections to enhance its scale of activities.
The departments that had initially emerged as cost centers established themselves as 15 separate legal entities.

At present, Rah Shahr International Group is a multi-disciplinary engineering group, acting as a "holding company". The Group is listed in the World Bank's "Engineering Companies" roster, working on multi-faceted national and international projects that are financially supported by the World Bank. The Group has also been registered through the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), for activities in the fields of architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, hydraulics, energy, and spatial planning. More...


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Architectural Design Competition of IranShahr Terminal, IKIA (Imam Khomeini International Airport) more...




Iran Pavilion Design Competition for Expo Dubai 2020 more...




Iran pavilion in Expo 2017 by RahShahr International Group more...




Rah Shahr unveils Iran's latest monumental landmark on Kish island more...




Sam Rah Shahr Company’s performance in the last 10 years was evaluated and reviewed by Educational Institute of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture and was recently granted “Grade A” Certificate in Sustainable Brand of Iran.




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